Aussie Dick’s Growth Policy –

August 5th, 2010

Dick Smith, a national hero, speaks out to hit the nail fair and square on the head again, setting US straight on population growth.  He’s not just spruiking; he’s got the cash (1 Million big ones) to back it.

Let’s take a minute to look at some facts the government would have us believe:
=As of December 2008 our population was estimated to be 21.6 million and its projected population will increase from to 35.5 million by 2056, and 44.7 million at the turn of the century.

Compare these to the facts that Dick presents to us. Based on our most recent population growth rate of 2.1% last year: The currently population growth will result in a projected population of over 50 million by 2050 and over 100 million at the turn of the century.

Any alarm bells ringing out there?!

Dust of those shiny new RAAF Super Hornets and sick ‘em on to all those pesky boats! Ban the burqa! Proclaim a holy war on all who don’t wear thongs, drink like camels and love cricket. Stop all incoming flights and double all outgoing! And yes, build some new 737’s to replace those…

OR, no-wait, I’ve got it (get your cheque book out Dick): We could just launch another “where the bloody hell are ya” quintessential Aussie campaign and proudly proclaim to the world some facts. How about;

“It’s as dry as hell here, our Murray has been raped by cotton growers and our minerals are shipping out as quick as we can rip ‘em out. Come on over, but be quick, the good times are nearly over!”

I can hear the racist feedback already. But here’s the no bullshit reply: I don’t care about your culture, creed or religion! I don’t care if you have a degree in nuclear physics, or you can reverse “global warming” and have the ability to solve world hunger. This is about something much simpler for me (and for all of us).

Am I going to be able to pay my mortgage and keep a roof over my head? Will I be able to put food in the belly of all of my family members? Will I be able to ski on the beautiful Murray river, or snorkel the Barrier Reef? More importantly, will my children and their children (an so on) be able to do these things.. And will my friendly neighbours also have this luxury? I REALLY HOPE SO!

We need to take control of population growth from a global standpoint, and we need to address sustainability in immigration.

Unlike global warming, this IS something that can actually be predicted accurately, and controlled with some very basic (should I dare say “common sense”) policy.

Share the same opinion, or want to set me straight? I’m open to all opinions on the issue, feel free to post a response here, or follow us on Facebook..

Fast Fuse Sponsors Fusion Netball

June 6th, 2010

Fast Fuse Designs has become a sponsor of local netball club Fusion Netball. We are looking forward to a long relationship with the team and it community.  The Whistler wines lunch yesterday was fantastic for all involved. We passed out some Fast Fuse flyers and are hoping we can do some business with the wider Fusion Community!

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